Rita Nader

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I am a third year PhD student in mathematics – probability theory, working under the supervision of Nils Berglund.


Institut Denis Poisson Bâtiment de mathématiques Rue de Chartres B.P. 6759 Université d’Orléans 45067 Orléans FRANCE


Phone: (33)-7-69-69-46-51 Email:


  • Research interests
    Stochastic resonance, Stochastic PDEs, Rough path, Slow-fast systems, Renormalisation and Wick calculus.
  • Publication
    Stochastic resonance in stochastic PDEs (2021), N. Berglund, R. Nader, Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations.
  • Talks and Masterclasses                                                                                                      
    • Organizing committee for GDR TRAG Young Researchers Meeting at Henri Poincaré Institute Paris, Dec 2021.
    • Masterclass & Workshop: « Higher Structures Emerging from Renormalization » at The Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics (ESI), Vienna Austria, Nov 2021.
    • Speaker in « Colloque Jeunes Probabilistes et Statisticiens » at Saint Pierre d’Oléron, La Rochelle, Oct 2021.
    • Workshop: « Quantitative Analysis of Metastable Processes » at Denis Poisson Institute, Orleans, Oct 2021.
    • Summer School « From Kinetic Equations to Statistical Mechanics » at Saint Jean de Monts, Nantes, Jun-Jul 2021.
    • Speaker in « Journées de Probabilités » at Guidel Plages Bretagne, Jun 2021.

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