Welcome to Thomas Gobet’s webpage !

Welcome to Thomas Gobet’s webpage !

Maître de conférences
Co-organiser of the SPACE seminar


Some recent talks


  • Doctoral supervision : Igor Haladjian (80%, since October 2022), Jad Abou-Yassin (50%, since September 2023).
  • Postdoctoral supervision : Nathan Chapelier-Laget (September 2021 – September 2022).


Articles. Published versions may differ from arxiv versions. If you need a copy of one of the following papers please send me an email.

  1. Categorification of the Temperley-Lieb algebra by bimodules, Journal of Algebra 419 (2014), 277-317. arxiv. talk.
  2. Noncrossing partitions and Bruhat order (with Nathan Williams), European Journal of Combinatorics 53 (2016), 8-34. arxiv. talk.
  3. Noncrossing partitions, fully commutative elements and bases of the Temperley-Lieb algebra, Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications 25 (2016), no. 6, 27 pp. arxiv. talk.
  4. Dual braid monoids, Mikado braids and positivity in Hecke algebras (with François Digne), Math. Z. 285 (2017), no. 1-2, 215-238. arxiv. talk.
  5. On the Hurwitz action in finite Coxeter groups (with Barbara Baumeister, Kieran Roberts, Patrick Wegener), Journal of Group Theory 20 (2017), no.1, 103-131. Link to the computer programs we used in this paper. arxiv. talk.
  6. Twisted filtrations of Soergel bimodules and linear Rouquier complexes Journal of Algebra 484 (2017), 275-309. arxiv. talk.
  7. On cycle decompositions in Coxeter groups, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire 78B (2017), Article #45, 12 pp. arxiv. talk.
  8. Simple dual braids, noncrossing partitions and Mikado braids of type D_n (with Barbara Baumeister), Bull. of the London Math. Soc. 49 (2017), no. 6, 1048-1065. arxiv. talk.
  9. On generalized categories of Soergel bimodules in type A_2 (with Anne-Laure Thiel), C. R. Acad. Sci. 356 (2018), no. 3, 258-263. arxiv.
  10. Dual Garside structures and Coxeter sortable elements, J. Comb. Algebra 4 (2020), 167-213. arxiv. talk.
  11. A Soergel-like category for complex reflection groups of rank one (with Anne-Laure Thiel), Math. Z. 295, 643–665 (2020). arxiv. talk.
  12. Coxeter-Catalan combinatorics and Temperley-Lieb algebras, Algebr. Represent. Theory 24 (2021), 169-201. arxiv.
  13. Braid groups of normalizers of reflection subgroups (with Anthony Henderson and Ivan Marin), Ann. Inst. Fourier 71 (2021), no. 6, 2273-2304. arxiv.
  14. Parametrization, structure and Bruhat order of certain spherical quotients (with Pierre-Emmanuel Chaput and Lucas Fresse), Represent. Theory 25 (2021), 935-974. arxiv. colloquium-style talk.
  15. On some torus knot groups and submonoids of the braid groups, Journal of Algebra 607 (2022), Part B, 260-289. arxiv. talk. Addendum.
  16. Hecke algebras of normalizers of parabolic subgroups (with Ivan Marin), Algebr. Represent. Theory (2022), online first. arxiv.
  17. Toric reflection groups, accepted for publication in the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. talk.
  18. A new Garside structure on torus knot groups and some complex braid groups, preprint (2022). 
  19. Non symmetric Cauchy kernel, crystals and last passage percolation (with Olga Azenhas and Cédric Lecouvey), preprint (2022).
  20. Odd and even Fibonacci lattices arising from a Garside monoid (with Baptiste Rognerud), preprint (2023). talk.
  21. On maximal dihedral reflection subgroups and generalized noncrossing partitions, preprint (2023).
  22. Elements of minimal length and Bruhat order on fixed point cosets of Coxeter groups (with Nathan Chapelier), preprint (2023).

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