Bruno Galerne

Bruno Galerne
Institut Denis Poisson,
Université d'Orléans

Email: bruno (dot) galerne (at)

Phone: +33 2 38 41 73 16
Institut Denis Poisson
Université d'Orléans
Collegium Sciences et Techniques
Bâtiment de mathématiques
Rue de Chartres
B.P. 6759
45067 Orléans cedex 2


My main research interest is the study of textures, from the theoretical analysis of stochastic image models to the development of new texture synthesis algorithms. Hence my research works are at the intersection of image processing, applied probability and computer graphics, which gives me the enriching opportunity to work with researchers from various fields.
For more details, see my publications page.

Current and former students (PhD, Post-Docs, engineers)

I have the chance to advise or have advised the following students:

Current students (PhD, Post-Docs, engineers)

Several opportunities in Orléans for PhD fundings in AI for image processing and analysis. Interested Applicants can reach me by email.

Former students (PhD, Post-Docs, engineers)