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Avenues of Quantum Field Theory In Curved Spacetime 2025
Laetitia Portier (Institut Denis Poisson, Tours)
du Wednesday 22 January 2025 au Friday 24 January 2025 -  Tours -  Amphi E030, building E2, ground floor

Résumé :

Quantum field theory in curved space has become a framework to explore the combination of quantum phenomena and geometry beyond the traditional areas of gravitational physics and cosmology. Its powerful formalism and ideas have found many applications in particle physics, nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics, which, aside from suggesting novel intersections between quantum fields and gravity, have been shaping a landscape of original ideas and inspiring new exciting problems and ramifications of the theory.

This 3-days workshop, at its fourth edition, will bring together researchers working in different areas of quantum field theory with interest in its curved space applications. The workshop aims to exchange ideas on what is - or is expected soon to become - topical and discuss potential interdisciplinary interactions in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

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