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Loire Valley Workshop on Conformal Methods in Analysis, Random Structures and Dynamics.
Kari ASTALA, Athanasios BATAKIS, Guillaume HAVARD, Michel ZINSMEISTER
du Monday 13 April 2015 au Thursday 16 April 2015 -  France (autres villes) -  voir site web

Résumé :
The main topics of this conference will be in the general framework of Analysis and conformal Geometry. More specifically the topics we wish to emphasize will be: Conformal Invariants in random Structures , Liouville Quantum Gravity and random Surfaces, Multifractality, Mandelbrot cascades, Complex Dynamics and Thurston’s algorithm, Geometry of Groups, Conformal and quasiconformal Analysis. Invited speakers : J. Barral M. Benedicks S. Bullett G. David B. Duplantier T. Gauthier D. Grebenkov P. Haissinsky H. Hedenmalm T. Iwaniec P. Koskela A. Kupiainen S. Jaffard J.-F. Le Gall Tan Lei V. Mayer D. Meyer P. Nolin I. Prause E. Saksman K. Izuyrov J. Onninen F. Przytycki S. Seuret A. Zdunik

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