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Magnetic Propel Artificial Micro-swimmers
Laetitia Giraldi
Thursday 06 April 2017 15:30 -  Tours -  Salle à préciser

Résumé :
Swimming strategies at the microscopic scale involves counterintuitive mechanisms. At micro scale, the flow is dominated by the viscosity effects and becomes ``reversible''. The features of this phenomenon can be summarized by Purcell's famous ``scallop theorem'' which states that a reciprocal motion (a deformation with time-reversal symmetry) cannot lead to any net propulsion. Because of the potential of nano-sized machines in future biomedical applications, such as targeted drug delivery and microsurgery, interdisciplinary efforts by scientists have recently resulted in major advances in the design and fabrication of artificial micro-scale locomotive systems. A recent promising technique resides in using an external magnetic fields to act on a magnetized micro-object. The talk proposes to investigate the controllability of such particular magnetico-elastic micro-swimmers.

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