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Séminaire de Physique Théorique

A semiclassical perspective to study quantum interacting particles
Rémy Dubertrand (Université de Liège, Belgique)
Thursday 18 January 2018 14:00 -  Tours -  Salle 1180 (Bât E2)

Résumé :
Quantum chaos have had a great success to describe various types of one-particle quantum systems in the semiclassical regime (e.g. large quantum numbers). I will describe how these techniques can be used to describe quantum systems of interacting particles. For example I contributed to look at Bose Hubbard model and justify why the spectral statistics agrees with RMT for a certain regime of the ratio between onsite interaction and hopping energies. I will discuss in a more general framework how fruitful a semiclassical approach can be to study such systems of interacting particles.

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