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Séminaire de Physique Théorique

Making sense of non-Hermitian/PT-symmetric quantum field theories
Peter Millington (Université de Nottingham, Royaume-Uni)
Thursday 17 May 2018 14:00 -  Tours -  Salle 1180 (Bât E2)

Résumé :
In this talk, I will focus on recent progress in understanding non-Hermitian/PT-symmetric quantum field theories. I will begin by providing a brief introduction to the framework of PT-symmetric quantum mechanics, pioneered by Bender and others. Quickly moving on to the second quantization, I will concentrate on the details of the variational procedure and the construction of the path integral. We will see how conservation laws emerge and how Noether’s theorem is borne out. As examples, I will consider a multi-scalar model, a non-Hermitian extension of QED and a non-Hermitian Higgs-Yukawa theory, illustrating the potential relevance of the lattermost model for neutrino phenomenology.

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