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Séminaire d'Analyse

On the singular \sigma_k-Yamabe problem.
Lorenzo Mazzieri
jeudi 03 décembre 2009 11:15 -  Tours -  Salle 2290 (Bât E2)

Résumé :
We prove the existence of constant positive σk- scalar curvature metrics which are complete and conformal to the standard metric on S^n \ Λ, where Λ ⊂ S^n is a finite number of points with cardinality at lest two, and n, k are positive integers such that 2 ≤ 2k < n. In general this problem is equivalent to solve a singular fully nonlinear second order elliptic equation. For k = 1 (i.e., in the case of the ordinary scalar curvature) the problem reduces to solve a semilinear elliptic equation and it has been studied by several authors (Schoen, Mazzeo-Pacard et al.).

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