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Séminaire Orléans

From Saint-Venant to Navier-Stokes with variable density. Modeling, kinetic interpretation and simulations
Jacques Sainte-Marie (INRIA)
Thursday 22 October 2009 14:00 -  Orléans -  Salle de Séminaire

Résumé :
The classical Saint-Venant system with viscosity and friction is well suited for the modeling of dam breaks or hydraulic jumps. Considering flows with large friction coefficients, with significant water depth or with important wind effects, the horizontal velocity can hardly be approximated, as in the Saint-Venant system, by a vertically constant velocity. We first present a multilayer extension of the Saint-Venant system. The extension is based on a Galerkin approximation in lagrangian formulation of the Navier-Stokes equations. Then we propose other extensions allowing to deal with stratified flows and including non-hydrostatic terms and varying density. For each model, a kinetic interpretation is given, an associated discrete scheme is derived and some simulations are presented. Notice that the proposed numerical schemes preserve the efficiency of the schemes used for the classical Saint-Venant system.

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