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Loss of boundary conditions for fully nonlinear parabolic equations with superquadradic gradient terms
Andrei Rodriguez
jeudi 24 novembre 2016 10:45 -  Tours -  Salle à préciser

Résumé :
We study whether the solutions of a fully nonlinear, uniformly parabolic equation with superquadratic growth in the gradient satisfy initial and homogeneous boundary conditions in the classical sense, a problem we refer to as the classical Dirichlet problem. Our main results are: the nonexistence of global-in-time solutions of this problem, depending on a specific largeness condition on the initial data, and the existence of local-in-time solutions for initial data $C^1$ up to the boundary. Global existence is know when boundary conditions are understood in the viscosity sense, what is known as the generalized Dirichlet problem. Therefore, our result implies loss of boundary conditions in finite time. Specifically, that a solution satisfying homogeneous boundary conditions in the viscosity sense eventually becomes strictly positive at some point of the boundary. This is joint work with Alexander Quaas.

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