Assistant professor position in Tours in september 2019

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This research unit is dedicated to mathematics and theoretical physics. It is located in Orléans and Tours, France, and gathers about 90 permanent researchers, 30 doctoral candidates, ATER, post-doctoral fellows and around 10 administrative staff. Four thematic teams are present:


Sergey Solodukhin ( Institut Denis Poisson)
Conformal anomalies: theory and applications
du mardi 31 mai 2022 au jeudi 02 juin 2022  -  Tours  -   Amphi El Soufi  (+ de détails)
Anouchka Lepine (Institut Denis Poisson)
Exotic symmetries and spacetimes (POSTPONED)
du vendredi 01 juillet 2022 au vendredi 15 juillet 2022  -  Institut Denis Poisson, Tours  -   salle 1180, bâtiment E2  (+ de détails)

Mail Addresses

Institut Denis Poisson

Université de Tours
Facultés des Sciences et Techniques
Parc de Grandmont
37200 Tours FRANCE

Institut Denis Poisson

Université d’Orléans
Collegium Sciences et Techniques
Bâtiment de mathématiques
Rue de Chartres B.P. 6759
45067 Orléans cedex 2 FRANCE

A little bit of history

The Institut Denis Poisson is the heir of the Fédération Denis Poisson. It is the merger of two research laboratories, the MAPMO in Orléans and the LMPT in Tours :

  • The former Mathematics laboratory MAPMO, for Mathématiques, Analyse, Probabilités, Modélisation, Orléans, has evolved around mathematical analysis,  probablilities and mathematical physics. On it’s latest years, more emphasis was put on interactions, be they inside or outside mathematics.
  • The former Mathematics and Theoretical Physics laboratory, LMPT, took it’s originality from it’s bisciplinary structure of Mathematics and THeoretical Physics.