Programme Maathrafic

MONDAY, June 5
2:30 PM — 3:15 PMHelge HOLDENMathematical modeling of traffic flow: Discrete vs Continuous
3:25 PM — 4:10 PMCharlotte PERRINHard congestion limit of the p-system in the BV setting
coffee break
4:45 PM — 5:15 PMAbraham SYLLAA second order model of traffic with organization marker
5:20 PM — 6:05 PMGiuseppe COCLITENonlocal conservation laws: singular limit and long-time behavior
8:30 AM — 9:15 AMCecile APPERT-ROLLANDHigh density crowd: Mean-field game model versus experimental data
9:25 AM — 9:55 AMEtienne PINSARDMicro and macro crowd models for evacuation – coupling and application
10:00 AM — 10:30 AMNiklas KOLBEA central scheme for coupled traffic flow models
coffee break
11:05 AM — 11:50 AMGiovanni DE NUNZIOEco-routing and optimal placement of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles: applications of combinatorial optimization on graphs
12 (noon) — 0:30 PMNicola DE NITTI and Giuseppe COCLITE, Théo GIRARD and Boris ANDREIANOV, Ghadir JRADI and Noureddine IGBIDA, Bastien POLIZZI and Julien-Yves ROLLAND, Florian PERU and Carlotta DONADELLOshort oral presentations of posters
lunch break
2:00 PM — 2:45 PMAurelien DURETModélisation des déplacements routiers : vers une intégration des résultats de recherche dans un outil opérationnel  Neovya Hubsim
(talk in English, slides in French)
2:55 PM — 3:40 PMAlexandre CHASSEUsing mobility data to estimate flows per street: an overview of different approaches applied to bicycle mobility
coffee + posters
4:25 PM — 4:55 PMMatteo PIUMulti-lane vehicular flow models
5:00 PM — 5:45 PMJean-Luc PAILLATBuilding evacuation and crowd modeling, from fire safety regulation to evacuation software surveys
8:30 AM — 9:15 AMMaya BRIANIEstimate traffic emissions through second-order models
9:25 AM — 9:55 AMMickael BESTARD
online talk to be confirmed
How to evacuate a roadway in an optimal way?
10:00 AM — 10:30 AMAlexandra WUERTHCombining physics models and Gaussian processes for traffic prediction
coffee break
11:05 AM — 11:50 AMThibault LIARDStabilization of conservation laws in the context of G-solutions
free afternoon
6 PM — 7 PMBertrand MAURY (wide audience talk in french, downtown Tours)Foules en equations
7:30 PM conference dinner at Chez Dupont (La Guinguette de Tours)
8:45 AM — 9:30 AMRinaldo COLOMBO online talk or
Inverse Design for Hamilton-Jacobi Equation and Conservation Laws
9:40 AM — 10:25 AMAndrea CORLIHysteresis and string stability in traffic flows
coffee break
11:05 AM — 11:35 AMHamza ENNAJIPrediction-correction pedestrian flow via minimum flow problem
11:40 AM — 12:10 AMFelisia CHIARELLOOn the singular limit problem for a class of first order nonlocal lane-changing traffic flow models
lunch break
1:30 PM — 2:15 PMGiuseppe VISCONTIUnstable waves in kinetic models for traffic flow
2:25 PM — 3:10 PMNicolas FORCADELDerivation of macroscopic traffic flow models on networks
closure, coffee