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Applications of Hecke and related algebras: Representations, Integrability and Physics

du dimanche 28 février 2021 au vendredi 05 mars 2021 -  Ecole de Physique des Houches - 

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The school is cancelled

École de Physique des Houches

From Sunday the 28th of february to the 5th of march 2021


Maud De Visscher (City University, London)

Cédric Lecouvey (Université de Tours)

Paul Purdon Martin (University of Leeds)

Eric Ragoucy (CNRS - Université Savoie Mont-Blanc)

This school is dedicated to researchers (with priority given to young participants) who are interested in the interactions between theoretical physics and mathematics. More specifically, between algebra and exactly solvable models, and with the main focus to the theory of Hecke algebras and their applications. There will be 4 mini-courses, two on the mathematical aspects and two on the physical aspects. The two "maths" courses will be on the representation theory of quantum groups and centralizer algebras, and  the two "physics" courses will be on integrable systems and statistical physics models. In addition there will be some short talks given by the participants. The school is part of the ANR project Applications of Hecke algebras: Representations, Knots and Physics.


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