Statistics, Probability, Algebra, Combinatorics, Ergodic theory

Team animators
Julien Barré (Orléans)
Jean-Baptiste Gouéré (Tours)

Main fields

Statistics is mainly present in Orléans. Probability is present in both sites. Algebra, Combinatorics and Ergodic Theory are present in Tours. Probability, Algebra and Combinatorics are associated in a natural way, in particular because of significative common works of the team on random walks from algebraic, combinatorial and probabilistic point of view.


  • Theoretical Statistics, Models and Estimation
  • Computational Statistics, Data analysis and Applications


  • Random walks: algebraic, combinatorial and probabilistic aspects
  • Random trees and branching processes
  • Stochastic processes and random fields
  • Statistical mechanics



Ergodic theory, dynamical systems and ergodic geometry